Fine Wine

Grape & Gourmet, a fine wine store located in Virginia Beach, VA, we specialize in fine wines that you have enjoyed at area restaurants and boutique wineries from around the world. And you will find a surprising number of our wines are less than $20 a bottle.  If you have had an excellent wine at a restaurant and we don’t currently carry it, we may be able to order it for you depending on if it is available in the state of Virginia.  Call or email us to see if can get it for you.  Looking for an old favorite? Drop us a line through our “Contact Us” widget and we’ll let you know if that wine is available in Virginia.

Weekly Wine Tastings

Our free weekly tasting events are on Fridays from 4:30-7 are an excellent opportunity to try new fine wines and learn about their heritage. Each week features 5 to 7 new wines.

Cheap & Cheery

The second Saturday of every month from 1 to 5PM we have our Cheap & Cheery event. The wines featured are around $10 or less a bottle (Cheap) and they taste great too (Cheery). We sample out wine, sweet wine, craft beers and a cider or two. And you’ll find some food samples from our vendors for some quick and easy entertaining.  This is a free event and we are family friendly! It is a great time to  try some new things!


Best of the Beach


2010: Gold Medal Best Wine Shop

2011: Gold Medal Best Wine Shop

2012: Gold Medal Best Wine Shop

2013: Gold Medal Best Wine Shop

2014: Gold Medal Best Wine / Beer Shop

2015: Gold Medal Best Wine / Beer Shop

2016: Gold Medal Best Wine / Beer Shop

2017:  Gold Medal Best Wine / Beer Shop


Some of the fine wines available at Grape & Gourmet:

Updated 06/25/17

CategoryDescriptionOn Hand
AmaroneZenato Amarone1
BarbarescoProduttori Barbaresco1
BaroloDamilano Barolo Lecinquevigne2
BaroloPio Cesare Barolo1
Barolo90+ Lot 26 Barolo4
BaroloCa Viola Barolo4
BeaujolaisDrouhin Brouilly2
BrunelloVitanza Brunello Tradizione1
BrunelloMocali Brunello1
BrutMumm Napa Brut Prestige8
Cabernet FrancLovingston Cab Franc2
Cabernet FrancMichael Shaps Cab Franc3
Cabernet FrancMDP Inkblot Cab Franc2
Cabernet SauvignonPaul Hobbs To Kalon1
Cabernet SauvignonSilver Oak Alex2
Cabernet SauvignonSilver Oak Cab NAPA2
Cabernet SauvignonMagic Door Yount Cab9
Cabernet SauvignonOberon Cabernet 2
Cabernet SauvignonKrutz Magnolia Cab4
Cabernet SauvignonQuilceda Creek Cab1
Cabernet SauvignonMDP Earthquake Cab4
Cabernet SauvignonKiona Cab3
Cabernet SauvignonMontelena Cab2
Cabernet SauvignonRiglos Gran Cab6
Cabernet SauvignonRamey Cab1
Cabernet SauvignonWorthy Sophias Cuvee2
Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Cab1
Cabernet SauvignonBello Megahertz Cab2
Cabernet SauvignonStuhlmuller AV Cab3
Cabernet SauvignonForce of Nature Cab3
Cabernet SauvignonMolly Dooker Maitre D1
Cabernet SauvignonMagic Door Oakville Cab3
Cabernet SauvignonCakebread Cabernet1
Cabernet SauvignonHonig Cabernet Sauvignon2
Cabernet SauvignonCaymus Cab 1L1
Cabernet SauvignonOrin Swift Mercury Head1
Cabernet SauvignonFaust Cabernet Sauvignon1
Cabernet SauvignonDouble Canyon Cab11
Cabernet SauvignonQuilt Napa Cab13
ChampagneGatinois Brut 3752
ChampagneGatinois Cuvee Tradition2
ChampagneMoet Nectar Imperial1
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot Brut2
ChampagneChalk Hill Chard Estate1
ChampagneMoet Nectar Imp Rose1
ChampagneAgrapart Les 7 Crus2
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot 3751
ChampagneMoet Chandon Imperial Ice2
ChampagneMagic Door La Cle de la Femme9
ChardonnayLaguna Chard4
ChardonnayRamey RR Chard4
ChardonnayLandmark Chard Overlook4
ChardonnayTallulah Chard Farina1
ChardonnayTalinay Chard3
ChardonnayNaked Mtn Chard3
ChardonnayCatena Alta Chard2
ChardonnayJefferson RSV Chard2
ChardonnayGirardin Pouilly Fuisse2
ChardonnayMichael Shaps Chard2
ChardonnayMiner Chard Napa1
ChardonnayDom Mas Belles Chard Box4
ChardonnayStuhlmuller Chardonnay3
ChardonnayTrump Chard3
ChardonnayMer Soleil Gold SB4
ChardonnayRombauer Chardonnay2
ChardonnayPeter Michael La Carriere1
ChardonnayTalbot Sleepy Hollow Chard3
ChardonnayTrombetta Chard Gaps Crown2
ChardonnayCakebread Chardonnay1
ChardonnayAlexana Chard1
ChardonnayTalbott Logan Chard3
ChardonnayVarner Chard Santa Barbara2
ChardonnayJax Chard5
ChardonnayPatz & Hall Sonoma Chard1
ChardonnayMontelena Chard1
ChiantiAntinori Peppoli Chianti Class5
ChiantiFrescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti 2
ChiantiFossi Vino Nobile de Montepulc1
ClaretRamey Claret Napa1
Demi SecHeidsieck Cuvee Sublime1
Dessert WineTrump Cru White1
Dessert WineBorgo Scopeto Vin Santo2
Dessert WineChurch Creek Late Harvest3
Dessert WineBlandys 5yr Madeira2
Dessert WineBlandys Madeira Alvada2
Dessert WineMichael Shaps Petit Manseng1
French RedCharles Thomas CDP Rouge2
French RedMongravey Margaux1
French RedChanson Marsannay5
French RedDom Grand Plantier CDR Box3
French RedCh Laurets St Emilion5
French RedChateau Aney Haut Medoc3
French RedCouronne St Emilion Grand Cru1
French RedCote de Baleau Bordeaux5
French RedMaltus Lalande de Pomerol2
French RedBrotte Barville CDP Rouge4
French WhiteChanson Vire-Clesse5
French WhiteHenri Bourgeois Sancere2
French WhiteReuilly Pierres Plates White3
French WhiteBrotte CDP Blanc6
French WhiteTinel Blondelet Genetin PF1
French WhiteMonmousseau Sancerre4
French WhiteLavantureaux Chablis1
GrenacheOrin Swift Dept 66 Grenache4
GrenacheShatter Grenache1
Italian RedLa Gerla Birba4
Italian RedCastello di Bolgheri3
Italian RedSan Marzano Anniversario 625
Italian RedPecchenino Dolcetto San Luigi9
Italian RedAntinori Tignanello1
Italian RedMarenco Brachetto2
Italian RedAvignonesi Vino Nobile1
Italian WhitePomerols Petite Frog11
Italian WhiteBroglia Gavi Meirana5
Italian WhiteTerre Dora Greco di Tufo1
MalbecChakana Malbec1
MalbecCatena Alta Malbec3
MalbecCorazon del Sol Malbec6
MerlotKenwood JL Merlot2
MerlotAvignonesi Desiderio3
MerlotMiner Merlot Stagecoach1
MerlotThorn Napa Merlot1
MerlotEmmolo Merlot8
MerlotL'Ecole No 41 CV Merlot9
Petit VerdotMichael Shaps Petit Verdot3
Petite SirahMDP Earthquake PS2
Petite SirahGirard Petit Syrah2
Petite SirahAratas PS2
Pinot Grigio/GrisBanfi San Angelo PG5
Pinot NoirSiduri Willamette1
Pinot NoirAbiouness Ten Rows PN3
Pinot NoirKen Wright WV2
Pinot NoirP Green Estate2
Pinot NoirBelle Glos Clark PN6
Pinot NoirWild Hog Saralee Pinot Noir1
Pinot NoirBelle Glos Dairyman PN2
Pinot NoirVarner PN Santa Barbara4
Pinot NoirRoth PN1
Pinot NoirDiora La P Grace Mont PN2
Pinot NoirElouan Reserve PN2
Pinot NoirLandmark PN Overlook1
Pinot NoirAbiouness Stanly PN2
Pinot NoirBelle Glos Giftpack1
Pinot NoirBelle Glos Las Altura PN6
Pinot NoirMouton Noir OPP6
PinotageLovingston Pinotage3
PortKopke Colheita 19811
PortKopke Colheita 19841
PortYalumba Antique Tawney1
PortDow 10yr Tawny Port1
Red BlendLocations CA4
Red BlendTooth Nail Possessor2
Red BlendBarboursville Octagon1
Red BlendLocations WA2
Red BlendFlegenheimer Red RSV3
Red BlendCarne Humana Napa Red3
Red BlendJax Y3 Taureau3
Red BlendOrin Swift Machete4
Red BlendGlaetzer Anaperenna6
Red BlendSans Liege The Offering1
Red BlendBlenheim Painted Red2
Red BlendNaked Mtn Raptor Red2
Red BlendPrisoner9
Red BlendBoxwood Red5
Red BlendLocations OR3
Red BlendOrin Swift Papillon2
Red BlendCaduceus Anubis3
Red BlendCaduceus Nag...Marzo3
Red BlendMarietta Angeli Cuvee2
Red BlendTooth and Nail The Stand2
Red BlendMollydooker Two Left Feet4
Red Blend90+ Lot 100 Monster Red Blend12
Red BlendOwen Roe Sinister Hand1
Red BlendOrin Swift Abstract 5
Red BlendFour Vines Maverick4
Red BlendJam Red4
Red BlendBrown Chaos Theory2
Red BlendMerkin Chupacabra1
Red BlendMerkin Tarzan1
Red BlendCaduceus Primer Paso3
Red BlendChappellet Mtn Cuvee2
Red BlendTikal Patriota3
Red BlendLangmeil 3 Gardens GSM1
Red BlendTrump Meritage3
Red BlendMichael Shaps Meritage2
Red BlendChakana Estate Red5
Red BlendQuilceda Creek Red1
Red BlendOrin Swift Palermo9
Red Blend90+ Lot 95 Super Cuvee5
Red BlendVenge Scouts Honor20
Red BlendIf You See Kay Red Blend4
Red BlendMerkin Shinola3
Red BlendCooper Thief Red Blend1
Red BlendRed Schooner Voyage 41
RieslingCSM Eroica Riesling1
RieslingGunderloch Riesling Kab4
RieslingBonneville Riesling3
RieslingMonchhof Riesling Spatlese5
RieslingGunderloch Diva5
RieslingM Brieit Ries Auslese1
RoseLuc Belaire Rare Rose1
SakeTy Ku Silver 720ml3
SakeTy Ku Black 720ml3
SangiovesePolisenna Il Borro Toscano5
SangioveseBarboursville Sangiovese RSV2
Sauvignon BlancCloudy Bay SB3
Sauvignon BlancLoveblock SB1
Sauvignon BlancVilla Maria Cellar SB4
SherryAlvear Pedro Ximinez 19273
ShirazMollydooker Scooter3
ShirazPenfolds Grange1
ShirazGlaetzer Bishop2
ShirazMollydooker Velvet Glove2
ShirazMollydooker Enchanted Path1
ShirazWinners Tank Velvet SHammer8
ShirazOliverhill Red Silk3
ShirazMollydooker The Boxer4
SparklingTrump Blanc de Blanc3
SparklingJAM Toast2
SparklingLuc Belaire Rare Luxe1
SyrahSouthern Belle Precious Syrah1
SyrahKlinker Brick Farrah Syrah6
SyrahFess Parker Big Easy Syrah3
TempranilloNumanthia Termes Red2
TempranilloFinca Sobreno Ildefonso3
TempranilloTorre De Ona Reserva1
TempranilloTeso La Monja Almirez Red2
TempranilloM Murrieta Rioja3
ViognierMichael Shaps Viognier1
ViognierKing Viognier1
White BlendBlenheim Painted White2
White BlendMerkin Shinola Bianca2
White BlendTooth and Nail The Fiend2
White BlendMerkin Chupacabra Blanco4
White BlendBlindfold2
White BlendOrin Swift Mannequin7
ZinfandelRunquist Zin Z Massoni Ranch2
ZinfandelGirard Zin2
ZinfandelBiale Black Chicken3
ZinfandelHobo Dry Creek Zin6
ZinfandelWild Hog Zin1
ZinfandelArmida Poi-Zin Dry Creek3
ZinfandelPlungerhead OV Zin3
ZinfandelFour Vines Biker4
ZinfandelMDP Earthquake Zin2
ZinfandelBrown Estate Zin2
ZinfandelForce of Nature Zin5
ZinfandelMDP Rage Zin1
ZinfandelMoss Roxx Zin4
ZinfandelBeran Napa Zin12
ZinfandelKenwood JL Zinfandel1